Lets talk toys! Week 1!

Posted by Michael Koch on

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am sitting here wondering what I should do to share my pride and joy with everyone. I feel there has been some awesome stuff introduced over the last few days and really I don't care to shoot a youtube video but I enjoy writing, so here we are. Overall this will hopefully be a blog that I post weekly and maybe even have a few other people write it with me. I will just cover what I have seen over the past week or two in this first edition and going forward you guys can comment what you want me to talk about or give my thoughts on. So without further ado we will start off with the coolest thing released this week!


Heavy Infantry Mandalorian By Hot Toys

The Mandalorian for me has been the best thing I have watch since the Punisher came out on Netflix as far as tv series are concerned. As a huge 1/6th scale fan this is something I defiantly would put on my short list of must haves! The articulation may not be there on this figure but if I am being honest I do not really mind that there is no articulation on something this amazing. This is defiantly a must have for me!


S.H. Figuarts

Let me start this by saying Bandai has been teasing this for awhile now at various shows when it comes to Endgame but they has released some Star Wars heat! So lets get into this!

Personally I have been straying further and further away from the Black Series from Hasbro and dipping my toes into the world of figuarts. Personally I only have 2 but have triple that on pre-order. To me this Mandalorian figuart will be worth every penny with how much I have enjoyed the show. I also expect an updated version to follow soon after!

Now onto the new Endgame figuarts that were announce and I will show all of them below and then state my thoughts. 



Overall this are some pretty anticipated figures and it was a shock to me at least that these did not come sooner! The original releases of Iron Man Mark 85 and Captain Amcerica started to climb the latter after marker wise in price. These may be no different. A lot of sites crashed with all of the traffic these generated when they went live for pre-order. I managed to get my hands on a pre-order for Iron man and Captain America but have no been able to secure rescue. Some of you may know Captain Marvel is a web exclusive which makes it a little tougher to get on pre-order. 


Overall this was a quick little blog post to get things started. I am going to try and write this up with a little more detail and have a post every Sunday and it will eventually include a little more including Pops which I know most of you love! Let me know what you would like to see and if you want my thoughts or have a question post it below and I will answer in next weeks post!! 

If you guys got this far thank you for reading!