Mystery box!!!

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Welcome to the home of the Fair Game Toy Store Mystery Box!
Please Read Below Before Purchasing!
Box is limited to 50 total!
We hope you enjoy your experience and hope you come back time and time again. To make this possible we have a few things we need to outline before you purchase the box!

We must charge for shipping due to the increasing cost! We do not profit in anyway for charging shipping as it is less than the actual cost to ship with materials. 
Please keep orders to maximum of 4!
1. There will be no refunds. If you are not happy with what you receive unfortunately it is a mystery and there are no guarantees other than receiving one pop. 
2. If you purchase a mystery box you are agreeing to receive one random Pop!
3. There will be no returns as this is a mystery box.
4. There is no guaranteed value for any of the boxes. The pop you receive is completely random. 
5. Ordering multiples may result in us combining shipping, however they will still be individually packed. If you order another product your order may be held to combine shipping. 
6.All possible box outcomes are shown. You will receive one pop pictured!
7. The pops shown in the image will be randomly among the 50 mystery boxes. 
8. It is possible to get duplicates by ordering more than 1 box!
Boxes will ship within 2 business days of being sold out!