Pop Protector 25 Pack

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These new Funko Pop! protectors will help your Pop vinyls stay in pristine condition while keeping your display looking like a thing of beauty. They protect your pops from shelf wear, scratches, dust, and creasing. Stack your pops the way you like them, without worrying about creasing damage while stacked.

The other half of collecting is displaying. Protect your pop without sacrificing your displays allure. These protectors look absolutely gorgeous. Some have even mentioned it makes their Pops look better, adding a crisp shape and clean lines.

These Pop Protectors:

Are made of the highest quality PET (Food grade plastic, so they are safe for your Pop boxes)

Are Crystal Clear

Fit your Pops Perfectly

Provide high impact strength for better protection

Have a crisp shape/clean lines

Have less folding resistance. You will get little to no bowing on the top flap fold

Are highly scratch Resistant

Please Note: No Funkos are included in this listing.